Car Creations
Car Creations repairs and restores Classic and Muscle cars in the greater
Minneapolis and Saint Paul metropolitan and rural areas.
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Our many years of restoration work will save you money and give you the best quality.

  Car Creations offers expertise in metal repair and fabrication to a high level that depends on having specialized equipment and  experienced craftsmen. Many hobbyists doing their own restoration need help especially in metal work whether it be rust out, damage, custom fabrication or lid, door & fender alignment. My 40+ years experience with classic restoration work has taught me skills providing correct and thrifty problem solving knowledge and business ethics giving customers quality work with confidence of a fair monetary expenditure. Please read our service agreement describing how we do business.

 It is increasingly difficult to find  good useable body parts so repair is then the only alternative. Car Creations repairs metal rust out areas by cutting out the rust zone, fabricating a new panel and butt welding it so the weld seam is difficult to identify. Lead is sometimes used for pin hole repair and silver soldering is sometimes used for bonding panels for a permanent "all metal" restoration. It always pays to perform quality permanent repairs to metal as it is the building block for the rest of the body restoration. Body fillers were never meant to be used for an everlasting repair for rust but work great to level out worked panels after proper metal repairs.

 Car Creations will assist in locating used body parts or aftermarket panels for large panel replacement areas. We also repair chassis rust and damage and install modern engine, transmission, rear axle, cooling and electrical upgrades, custom design dashes, consuls & interior parts, exterior body customizing including top chops using only the original top (not 2 tops), all types of custom work such as frenching custom lights, removing trim, adding trim, modifying trim, custom bumpers, electrical wiring and repair, glass fitting & power windows, power locks and latches, etc. and practically any thing you can ever require in custom metal work and mechanical upgrades.

 To continue the restoration process, our network of professional shops will provide a range of services especially in body work and painting, air conditioning, alignment and major frame/chassis repair, custom glass, upholstery and discount parts.

 Give us a call for more information. 763-571-1515

 We are located in "Friendly Fridley"

 Enter; 7695 Main St. NE, Fridley, MN 55432 into Google to find our location

We are located in Fridley, Minnesota
Call and ask for Mike at: 763-571-1515 or e-mail us at:
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